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Why Pixelville ?

Easy to use

Not everyone understands fancy words like « SSL protocol » or « Data Loss Prevention ». Pixel Ville makes learning computer security easy for all and teaches us the right security protocol to apply to everyday scenarios.


As IT security is not a straightforward subject, each theme on Pixel Ville comes with its own separate episode. To vary the learning methods and keep it fun, episodes are broken into several mini-games (videos, quizzes, interactive comics...)


All of the content in the Pixel Ville universe has been built, tested and validated with the invaluable help of IT security specialists (CIOs, CISOs..)

Increase your teams skill level

Each episode of Pixel Ville will increase your team’s knowledge on the internal security of your network. But to add to the challenge, team members will be able to earn stars and improve their scores by starting over as many times as they wish.

The dangers of phishing, weak passwords and other IT security mysteries will no longer hold any secrets for them... and it's always nice to be able to show off to your colleagues!

Business related themes

Computer security is an ever-evolving business. And it needs to be to keep up with the growing number of hackers and other types of digital pirates. Each year they are finding more ways to overcome hardware and software barriers and all at the user’s expense.

Pixel Ville is also keeping pace by regularly creating new themes relevant to the business environment of today.

An unusual universe

Clic Eastwood, legendary hero of Pixel Ville must leave for new horizons, but he’s seen in you his worthy successor! However, to prove him right, you'll have to visit each Pixel Ville neighborhood and win the heart and trust of every inhabitant there.

Clic Eastwood has asked his friends in each neighborhood to assist you on your journey: Will Kipédia for Antivi Rue, Mél Annie for Boulevard de l'Amiral Courriel and Lara Soft on the Island of IT Worms.

In us they trust

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